2015 CNY Blooper!

Gong Xi Fai Cai!

Day one of CNY…. I woke up as usual.  

Think I will go to the temple today.  Let’s boil some water first yah… so, I filled up the kettle, put on the plug and continued washing the dishes.  

Hmmmm… how come the kettle is not making any noise?  

I turned to look at the automatic switch… ohhhh, I forgot to press the button… click!  

Then, I continued to wash my dishes… ehhhh… why still so quiet one?  

I turned to look up at the switch. to realise that I forgot to turn on the swith…. click! 

And. I continued to wash my dishes….. something is wrong… why still no boiling sound one?  I looked at the wire and aiyak, I plugged in the oven’s lar!!  

LOL!!!!  Guess, I am really getting old liao…. 


One thought on “2015 CNY Blooper!

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