2015 CNY adventures

First time travelling together (just the 3 of us) with my 2 big sisters in the Dhamma…

Our journey started from Kuala Lumpur to Kuala Sepetang, where we saw d eagles


Toured the mangrove


Understand how charcoals are being made


before we hit off for the day.
Ohh, I forgot to mention we had a wonderful seafood lunch hor?  (^.^)

The next morning, we started with dana at TIMS, Taiping, before we were given a tour up at the SBS.


We are really thankful for sister Ooi’s hospitality… She and sister Poh Cheng took us to a hearty local meal before we walked the Lake Garden!


We had a few fun photo sessions there! 3 old ladies posing for our handphones! LOL!!

We headed to Gopeng the next day!

The first stop was the Gaharu Tea Valley where we had some fun photo sessions again. LOL! Guess we get crazier as we grow older!  LOL!

“Alice, told you not to buy so much and you end up buying 3 trees!” LOL!!


Next stop for the night is really a wonderful place….


We got pampered with great meals of their dinner, breakfast and lunch!

Big sister Alice who tried showing her protruding stomach to one of their staff was shamed by the man showing off his big belly! LOL!!

Our morning trek was adventurous with leeches and with big sister Lee Lee ended up walking without shoes! LOL!

The trail includes hopping into a jeep to the waterfall….nice…


My favourite photos from the place:





Goodbye Adeline! We love your place, company and life sharings! May you think what get what and continue to dream BIG! Wish you well and happy always!

We ended our trip with our visit to the Heritage House!

This is a MUST visit place if you are interested in old stuff and the good old days! The place is wonderfully maintained by visitors’ generosity into the donation box.

Thank you everyone for this memorable CNY trip! I feel so blessed with your companies, care and laughter!

May all of you be well and happy always…


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