Dana @ TIMS, Taiping

The first time I was a guest to TIMS, Taiping, I was given the opportunity to offer the monk a drink served on a small round tray.

The moment a monk sat down, I was ushered to kneel to make the offer.  The Venerable took the drink from the tray and put the cup on the table.  Then, he reached out for the tray, which I held on tight as I did not expect him to do so.  He smiled at me and tried the second time to get the tray, which I let go this time.

When I saw him using the tray to cover his alms bowl only I realised that I was actually holding on to the cover which was used as a tray… LOL!

This CNY, the 2 big sisters and I were being given the same opportunity to offer the dana.  Since I am now an expert to this, I advised the 2 big sisters not to hold on to the tray….. just let go!   (^.^)

The past 2 years in the Dhamma, I have learned to let go of things and people I am attached to.

The less we are attached to anything or anyone, the freer we are in our life.
We came into this life without them and shall leave without them too
So, let go …


2 thoughts on “Dana @ TIMS, Taiping

  1. “let go of things and people I am attached to”. I know this concept of “impermanence” and “detachment” is central to Buddhism. But I am puzzled how another friend doesn’t seem to be so pally and close as before (even critical about my rookie experiments into spirituality) the deeper she goes into Buddhism. Like I’m now an Outsider. Is this detachment normal the older one gets and nearer to Death?


  2. Dear JK,

    Buddha has in the Vasala Sutta describes who an outcast is and what the conditions are that make an outcast. Hence, you are definitely not an outcast or “outsider” in the Buddhist context.

    By understanding Impermanence, one will learn not to cling on to anything coz everything is subject to change and letting go will be easier.

    If one learns and understands the Buddha’s teaching better, one will be able to practise equanimity in one’s thoughts, speech and action.

    Hence, I believe Buddhism has nothing to do with her relationship with you. It is her personal perception that resulted her actions.

    About detachment being normal as one gets older and nearer to Death, I believe when one can let go what one holds on dear at that time, one will find leaving the body easier, less painful and more peaceful.

    The above are simply my personal view ya. May you be well and happy …


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