Me and my selfie!

The other night, while some advertisements were busy running on TV, I had the bright idea to learn to selfie with my handphone.  Everyone is doing it nowadays so thought it is time that I learn it too.  (^.^)

It took me a while to get the phone to “reverse” the focus on my face and after two shots, I felt that it was enough!  I felt stupid seeing me smiling at me on the phone!  LOL!

The next day, after lunch at my favourite coffee shop, I walked to my car which was parked at the end of the block.  Just when I was about to drive off, I noticed a stickers-all-over car parked in front of me.  Hey. this car’s stickers design is so interesting.  Must take photo!

Quickly I took out my phone and pressed at the camera icon. Hey, my face is on the screen!  I pressed a few other buttons in the setting, took a few self shots by accident before I finally managed to reverse the focus and pulled my phone up to find….. the car already left the parking!  LOL!!!!!

Issskkkkhhhh!!!!  Another blooper in my life!  (>0 ‘ )


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