Ya, sounds good for a name too hor!

Anicca…. means impermanence in the Pali language.

(I have grown to love this word ~ (^.^))

For Buddhists, flowers signifies “impermanence”.  Hence, we offer flowers as a reminder that all things are impermanent.

Buddha has explained impermanence in the body with the 4 Elements.

Just like the 4 Elements, we do not need to look out to find impermanence.  Look within and you will find that (other than the body) feelings, perception, mental formation and consciousness are also impermanent.

We can feel happy in one moment and in the next moment our feelings may change.  Same goes to our perception or opinion.

Mental formation, also known as volition, simply means our intentions for our actions.

Consciousness is made up of our emotions and our thinking.

Give it some thoughts and you will agree that the above 5 Aggregates of clinging ~ body, feelings, perception, volition and consciousness are constantly changing.

Our cells continuously die and new cells continuously form in our body, our feelings are not the same all the time, our opinions change from time to time, our intentions to do things are not fixed and our consciousness flips from one to another…

If we look out in the world, you will agree that the nature, environment, people, situations, events, economy etc etc etc are constantly changing too.

Nothing ~ whether within us or outside of us remains constant or stays permanent.

Hence, if someone promises eternity and forever, it will never happen.  Such promises are mainly delusions.  If you make one or believe in one, you are just being ignorant and/ or living in a delusion.

(Though I am aware of the above, I still buy products which give lifetime warranty… (^.^))

What has clinging got to do with the 5 Aggregates?
Since the 5 Aggregates are constantly changing, one should not cling on to them ~ not to the body, not to the thoughts of opinions, views, perceptions and so forth.

When one is too attached to the above, one will suffer when there are changes in what one believes are permanent.

For example:
Our body will grow old, we cannot look the same forever.  We may have hair loss, our teeth will drop, our skin will wrinkle and our body may get sick.  When we understand impermanence, we will not be depressed over the change and when we can accept the change, we will suffer less…

Learn more about the Dhamma and you will understand more ~ (^.^)

(I am trying to introduce one Pali word at a time in this blog to make it simple learning for you, who may be new in Buddhism ~ (^.^))

Relevant reading:
Mahadukkhakkhandha Sutta


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