BISDS ~ Cunda (2) 2015

After graduating from the 2014 Teachers Training with B.I.S.D.S., I became an official volunteer teacher there for 2015 classes.

Cunda (2nd intake), the Orientation class, started on 21 June 2015.

The class that started with only 5 students eventually ended with 12 of them – boys n girls aged from 9 to 12.

I had much joy teaching them coz they were really a bunch of fun and eager to learn batch of students.

In fact, to me, their kamma must be really good coz they are being introduced to the Dhamma so early in their lives while I only came into the Dhamma when I reached 50 years of age  ~ (-.-)

If their parents continue to send them to the Sunday classes and the students themselves are willing to continue learning the Buddha’s teaching, they will grow up to be better people in the society and will have less sufferings as an individual coz they will have better understanding of Anatta, Anicca and Dukkha ~ (^.^)

The children participated in almost every event organised by BISDS ~ won second prize (class category) in the Lantern Making Competition and at the year end’s Concert and Prize Giving Day, they were in the finale of the BISDS’ Ehipassiko Musical (from min 9.52 of the video below).

The dance was created with the following theme – the boys were not interested in the Dhamma (dancing to their own steps) while the girls were following the Dhamma (dancing to the lyrics of the song).
However, there was one boy who was not sure who to follow so, he tried to imitate both the boys and the girls in their steps.
At the chorus, everyone joined in to dance to the lyrics ~ representing all the students accepted and followed the Dhamma.
Sadhu, Sadhu, Sadhu!

Boys n Girls,
I wish you
well and happy


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