Why Be a Human Being?

While having my lunch in a coffee shop today, I saw a lady who looked like my late auntie… same hair style, same type of clothing, same side view facial expression and same habit of using a handkerchief!  

Memories of her:
– worked as a part time maid and laundry lady to bring up her 3 sons (including one adopted son)
– had a husband who was hardly home coz he had another family else where
– a proud house owner from her hard earned savings
– someone who still got money to lend to the needy
– a diabetic almost all her life
– had colon cancer
and finally
– just before her death, had depression and cried every day

My thoughts:
“Maybe, if she had learned the dhamma, she would understood more and suffered less”  

One may asks:  Why be a human being if one has to suffer in one’s life?

In the Balapanditta Sutta (which the Buddha teaches us to recognise the fools and the wise ones), Buddha describes the chance to be a human is as good as
“… Just as if, monks, a person were to throw a yoke with one hole into the ocean and the easterly wind would carry that yoke away to the westerly direction, the westerly wind would carry that yoke away to the easterly direction, the northerly wind would carry it away to the south and the southerly wind would carry it away to the north and there would be a blind tortoise that would come up to the surface once in a hundred years. What do you think, monks ?, Could that blind tortoise put his neck into that single hole of the yoke ?….”   

In other words, it is extremely difficult for one to be born in the human realm (a lot to do with one’s past Kamma and Vipaka which one could also end up as other beings in other realms).

In many of Venerable Dhammavuddho‘s talks, he says we are using our blessings everyday as a human being and if we are not wise ( and do not know how to replenish what have been used) we may just end up using all of our blessings…..

Most of us, human beings (including Buddhist who do not study the Buddha’s teachings), are ignorant .

Our ignorance mixed with our Kamma (resulting Vipaka) and clingings, evolve us in the Samsara (cycle of existence).

Until one sees, understands and accepts things as they really are and take the path leading one out of sufferings, it may not be surprised for one to ask:

Why be a human being if one has to suffer in one’s life?

I have asked that question before too…  have you?


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