Trust Me!

The plumber told me, “Trust me, I am an honest person.  I will not overcharge you.  Be rest assured.” 

He was recommended to me by my neighbour, who calls him to attend to every major or minor house related issue of her house.  I trust my neighbour, so, I trust him too.

“Aiyah, I heard you call Ah Lau to fix your leaking pipe.  You know, he is not as trustworthy as we think?”

Huh?  What happened? 

That question had me stood at one spot, for at least half an hour, to hear the whole story of how he has taken her as a “fool” coz she never compared his price with any other contractors and has trusted all his recommendations of quality and quantity of needed materials or supplies.  Err… obviously, me also…  

We shall never call him again for any work!  Full stop!!!
Yah, and that means a row of (at least) 3 houses’ repair needs!  

The power of word of mouth and the power of Kamma!

Uh?  What has Kamma got to do with this?


Remember Kamma is actions; physical, verbal and mental?  

His honesty and integrity are in question coz he has overcharged for the jobs and suggested inferior products in the pretense of them being better quality.

So, even though he verbally convinced us that he is honest and does not overcharge for his services and materials, he is actually not honest and does overcharge!  

His Kamma resulted him in losing us as his “loyal” customers.  

Anyway, just to walk away from “that” spot (which I stood for more than half an hour), I told my neighbour, “No worries, I will rely on you for the next recommendation ya?  Whoever you are going to call to fix up your house, I will call him too.”  

One need not be a Buddhist to understand this post, right?


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