Another “ME” somewhere?

The other day, a man was looking at me with a smile but I returned his smile with a frown!  😟

“Errr… do I know you?  Have we met before?  Haizzz… with this lacking memory… so embarrassing .. really, cannot place a name to your face wor… should I smile and say ‘Hi’?…”  👀

While I was still debating with myself how I should greet this man, he stopped his grin and said, “Sorry, I have mistaken you for someone else.” and before I can say anything, he walked away.

Just before this incident, a friend was asking me if I believe that in this world, there are 3 people who look alike… and I said “Yes!”  coz there was once someone came up to me, started chatting with me and  I had to abruptly stop her chat with “Sorry, do I know you?”  😕

“Oh, I thought you are my course mate.  You look exactly like her!”  😁

Exactly???  Really?????  😲

For the next few weeks, I was looking out for someone who looked “exactly” like me in the college but I never found her.  ☹️

Then, my friend posted her next question, “Why do you believe?”

My answer:
“If every day someone is born and someone dies somewhere on this planet earth, I believe that there could be another planet or planes elsewhere with the same occurrence.  Hence to me, it is not surprising to find people who look alike…”

Buddha has described how living beings came about on this planet
how people “created” different castes for the society to function,
which somehow still exist today in our modern living…

My understanding:
We are not the only living beings in this universe.
There are other world systems elsewhere.
When this world system expires, our energy will land on another world system according to the karmic forces.

~ nothing is permanent, therefore, no one world system will last forever.
🙏  🙏  🙏


How about you?  
Do you believe that there are 2 other look like you in this world?



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