Attach to the “Present”

Most people have seen or shared the following quote:
The past is history

The future is mystery
The present is a gift
without realising the original source of the quote.


I too, did not know….
until I read Buddha’s words in
the Bhaddekaratta Sutta
(Click at the above Sutta to read the whole Sutta):
“Let one not trace back the past
Or yearn for the future-yet-to-come.
That which is past is left behind
Unattained is the “yet-to-come.”
But that which is present he discerns —
With insight as and when it comes.
The Immovable — the-non-irritable.
In that state should the wise one grow
Today itself should one bestir
Tomorrow death may come — who knows?

The Buddha has called the “Present” as the One Fortunate Attachment.  Guess it is the only attachment that the Buddha encourages us to stick to….


I have been advised before and now I am advising many of my friends the following:
“Don’t think too much
don’t think too far.
Live a moment at a time.”

In other words, focus in the present.  

It is only by doing your best in the present
that you can have a better future,
which that future is actually the present,
for every present becomes the past…
so keep up with the present!


Do you agree in attaching to the “Present”?


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