Food! Food! Food!

How come when we smile, we think of “cheese”?  

When I was in Korea, everyone shouted “kimchi” to the camera… hmmm… so, when  in Japan “sushi”, in India “capati” and in Italy “pizza”??  LOL!

Food!  Food!  Food!  Guess our mind is occupied with it most of the time.

Different people have different preference, quantity, frequency and purpose for food!  Even duration in chewing and speed in swallowing the food are different for all!  Amazing hor?

In the Ganakamoggallana Sutta, Buddha explains the gradual trainings of his disciples, which include:
(click at the Sutta above to read the whole sutta)

Moderation in eating

“….As soon, brahman, as a monk is guarded as to the doors of the sense-organs, the Tathagata disciplines him further, saying: ‘Come you, monk, be moderate in eating; you should take food reflecting carefully, not for fun or indulgence or personal charm or beautification, but taking just enough for maintaining this body and keeping it going, for keeping it unharmed, for furthering the Brahma-faring, with the thought: Thus will I crush out an old feeling, and I will not allow a new feeling to arise, and then there will be for me subsistence and blamelessness and abiding in comfort…..

From my understanding, which I am practising now:

1) Eat in moderation
(Buddha teaches the middle path, including eating ya)
2) Reflecting while eating
(be thankful to the person preparing the food and all who make it possible for the food to be on the table for your consumption)
3) Not for fun
(do not play or waste food)
4) Not to indulge
(do not be obsessed with food and over eat what you find pleasure in the taste and smell of it)
5) Not for personal charm or beautification
(do not eat for the purpose to make yourself look better  eg diet pills)
6) Eat enough to maintain your body and keeping it going
(eat enough with sufficient nutrient to be able to function well and not falling sick)

Thus will I crush out an old feeling

~ simply means I have crushed “hunger”
(which is suffering)

 I will not allow a new feeling to arise

~ simply means I will not crave for more
(which is greed)

From the recent meditation retreat, I learned to chew my food even slower and longer coz to be mindful in eating means feeling the food breaking down and moving in  your mouth. Thus with finer food in the system, the body needs not work too hard to digest the food and absorbing the nutrients.

With this habit, one will eat lesser and will feel full longer…..


Now, will you treat your food differently after reading this post?  


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