Reminder: This Too Shall Pass

Ajahn Brahm is one of my favourite Dhamma teachers.  From all of his sharing, one particular story stays deep in my mind ~ about a King’s ring with the inscription “This Too Shall Pass.”

The words “This Too Shall Pass”, to me, is very meaningful and powerful.
Whether we are in a happy or sad state of mind or situation now,
it too shall pass.  
Nothing remains unchanged forever.  
Everything is subject to change
is not permanent.

Hence, if we can remember that at all times,
we will not be too happy when we are happy
too sad when we are sad
we know and understand that
This Too Shall Pass

From the above sharing, the King was given a ring with the inscription to remind him….


The other day when someone voiced out her concern of not able to get the yellow threads tied on her wrist during the recent blessing by the monks, I casually responded to it with, “No worries.  The thread is just a reminder for us to follow the Dhamma.”

I used to think that the thread is some good luck charm or amulet for protection… ya, I used to be that ignorant..     until I study more about Buddhism.

Though we have the Buddha’s image and the yellow thread to remind us of the Buddha and his teachings, I believe we do not really need them once we “inscribe” them in our hearts  



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