Sukhi Hotu??

In my earlier days in Buddhism, a dear friend took me to Nalanda Buddhist Society.  There, I was greeted with some words which I was not familiar with.  Though I did not understand the words, I still nod and smile in return.  

Later, when I got hold of my friend, I asked her about it and she said,
“Oh, Sukhi Hotu?
That means ‘May you be well and happy’.  

So, when someone greets you with it, you wish back the same to the person lah!”

Ahhhhh…. After understanding the words, I did not feel strange any more.  Before understanding, I thought they were some secret codes or passwords used in the place….. sorry!  

Now that I am studying Pali language (no choice, since it is a compulsory subject in the BA in Buddhism), I can even differentiate ‘Sukhi Hotu’ and ‘Sukhi Hontu’.

Sukhi Hotu is when you greet an individual coz the word ‘hotu’ is singular.
Sukhi Hontu is when you greet many coz the word ‘hontu’ is plural.

Guess now you are also cleverer hor?



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