What do you expect?…

When I adopted a dog from the SPCA (my first time being a dog owner) I complained to my big sis kalyanamitta about the dog barking at anything outside the gate and she idly said:
“What do you expect?  It is a dog… a dog is supposed to bark…”

Hmmmm… ya hor, it’s only a dog…

Just like a mango seed will only grow into a mango tree.  We cannot expect the seed to grow into something else ya…  Or should we be frustrated to why the weather is so hot or angry with the fly that keeps diving into the fish dish!

They are all natural phenomena which are subject to “right” conditions for them to happen….

As the Buddha says, in The Discourse on the Orderliness of the Dhamma, whether the Buddha appears in the world or not appear in the world, it still remains a firm condition, an immutable fact and fixed law: that all processes are impermanent, that all processes are subject to suffering, that everything is without a self...

Hence, to me, whether it is Buddha’s teachings or not, we should just accept things as they really are.  Do not try to change what we cannot change.  Accept them as they are.  Just change ourselves ~ the way we feel and re-act to them.  By doing so, we will suffer less, especially for conditions that can affect us physically and mentally.

If we are already feeling hot due to the weather and we keep on saying “hot, hot, hot!”, we are just letting the “hot” weather affecting us not just physically but mentally as well.  Each time we think “hot”, we feel “hot” and the “hotness” will continue to disturb the peace of our mind ya…


Gee, I hope you understand  the message of this post… really, you understand ke?  


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