Watching K-drama, mindfully…

For the past half year or so, I started watching K-drama whenever I am free to do so.  They are pretty entertaining I say…  

Since I have learned to be mindful (and I remind myself to do so as much as I can), I realise that I have the habit to identify the emotions of the characters in the dramas…
oh, this is greed,
ah, that is ego,
hey, too much attachment,
eh, eh … desire, that is desire… 

Instead of being emotionally drawn into each character, I now watch on as a bystander…. even, in my daily life, I am practising that
Linda, no no no, don’t be greedy….
Linda, watch that thought – unwholesome leh….
Linda, don’t be angry ~ send metta quick!
Linda, patience and take deep breath
Linda… Linda… Linda….
gee, I must stop calling that name! 

Buddha, in the Satipatthana Sutta, gave the foundations of mindfulness.  

To me, the easiest to start with is being mindful of our breathing.  When we do that, we are actually meditating coz when our mind is focusing on the breath, it is not flowing outside to the past or future…. the mind is at the present.  

Next, which I am working hard on now, is be mindful of my actions ~ so that I can remember things done and things to do (not be absent minded… and not get dementia or Alzheimer  later)  

You know, to me, Buddha did not just teach us to “Do good, avoid evil and purify the mind”.

To me, if we are late learners, he is giving us lessons to grow old gracefully while reducing sufferings little by little till we demise…

All we have to do is to learn, understand and practise his teachings 

And, it is never too late to start …..  I started at 50 …..  

How about you??


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