People are nicer to me these days….

People are nicer to me these days…. 

Maybe I am a nicer person now than before….

I remember a dear friend saying this to me.
” After learning the Dhamma, I begin to change and as I changed, I find my husband changing too..”
The same thing is happening to me now?

Guess it all boils down to the way I think, speak and behave… only wholesome and kind ones.  Due to them, I have more patience, “cool” in temper and warmer in person!  Hahaha!  A little self praise here… unless you know me in person, you will not know the before and after me huh?  

Sometimes, when talking with my two big sisters in the Dhamma, I would occasionally say,” Yah, I was like that before..”  and they would say, “And we wonder how we put up with that character then!”  Guilty, guilty but that was the past…

Hence, I’ll say that learning the Dhamma, understanding it and putting it in practice is the best thing one can do for oneself.

We cannot change the people around us but we can change ourselves.. and when we changed, people will notice and will change too … but, let’s not change with expectations ya…. just practise to the best you can … let your kamma (action) take its course for its vipaka (fruit)…

My vipaka for practising the Dhamma, I realise lately, is people are nicer to me these days…. 

Sadhu, Sadhu, Sadhu!  


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