Am worldly, still…

Just the other day, while having fun at the mahjong table, big sister was humming some oldies and I recalled the first few Mandarin songs that I like during my school days… yah, that was a long, long, long time ago …  

Searched the YouTube and found this, my first  Mandarin song, and I am sharing it with you…. with my humble translation below…

The Song:  My Home is There 
The Lyrics:
(Though I do not know Chinese, I guess the meaning to be as below:)
South wind softly blow again
Blow against the field of green grass
The grass gently sway side to side
What a beautiful sight
The sun ray touches the vast land
Green grass in sprinkles of gold
The grass and the horizon as if one
Makes one gaze in maze
Each time I pass by here
I forget all my worries
There’s also a clear running stream
Accompanying the field of green
Looking from above to below
The wooden house is standing there
That, is my heart warming home
There, is where I stay …  

Hmmm… you like it too?


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