Do you know “Hiri Otapa”?

The first time I heard “hiri otapa”, it reminded me of “hara kiri”!  LOL!
But, they don’t mean the same ya…  

“Hara kiri” means “ritual suicide by disembowelment with a sword, formerly practiced in Japan by samurai as an honorable alternative to disgrace or execution”.
Nothing to do with Buddhism.

“Hiri otapa” on the other hand, in Pali, have the following meaning:
“Hiri” means “feel ashamed to do evil”, and
“Otapa” means “dread or fear to do evil”.

Only people (whether Buddhist or not) who have both of the above are people in brighter state.  They are people who have sense of shame and fear of blame; people with conscience and remorse.

These people will be people who can do one of the 3 things in Buddha’s teaching of “Do Good, Avoid Evil and Purify the Mind” coz they will avoid evil for sure!  As long as one can do that, next to learn or put into practice will be doing good and purifying the mind…. simple, right?

So, do you have Hiri Otapa already? 


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