Shed no tears?


It is amazing how learning, understanding and practising Buddha’s teachings can change my perception and behaviour.

When my dear sister passed away in a car accident in 2008, I cried and cried and cried and cried….. 

However, I did not shed a tear when my dear uncle passed away last Sunday (27 March 2016 at 1330)…  and he was a very, very dear uncle to me…. 

The first thing that came to my mind was “he is no longer suffering”,
next was “everyone dies one day, naturally”
and next was “no attachments”

Aniccä vatha sankhärä 
(All things are impermanent)

Uppäda vaya dhamminö 
(They arise and pass away)

Uuppajjitvä nirujjhanti 
(Having arisen they come to an end)

Te san vüpa samö sukhö 
(Their coming to peace is bliss)

.This post is a tribute to my late Uncle San (02.03.1951 to 27.03.2016)


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