A poem from”Puppha”

This morning I have the mood to recite a poem…
something I have not done for a long time:  

Beautiful is any flower  

With fragrance or with not
If one look beyond sight
One will find good in them all
If one perceive without senses
One will stay calm at all times
For our feelings is what we think
In reality, it may not be such
Find peace in ourselves
Tame our restless mind
From assuming this and that
Deluding about what might
Avoid fear and expectation
Of what the future will be like
Live in the present
Live in each breath
… each moment in bliss with peace in the mind …

Where did I get the inspiration?
From the flowers lor! 


Buddha has, in the Dhammapada, a chapter on Pupphavagga: Flowers.
Awesome teachings!  Click in to read all the verses!  

My favourite verse is:
55. Of all the fragrances — sandal, tagara, blue lotus and jasmine — the fragrance of virtue is the sweetest.

How about you?




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