Feeding your Anger?


I heard this sutta twice before; once by Ajahn Brahm and once by Bhante Sujatha and I am still amused reading it again… of course both Ajahn and Bhante spiced it up a bit with “offerings of pizza and massage etc to the demon”  LOL!

What sutta am I talking about?

Well, it is the  Dubbanniya Sutta (the Anger-Eating Demon) SN11.22!
Click at the Sutta above to read the whole sutta ya..  

Or enjoy Bhante’s talk below

Pssst: See if you can spot me in the video…. shedding a tear or two coz I did not know how to deal with my anger before learning about the Buddha’s teachings…  and Bhante’s words really hit the nail on the head of the “old” me! 

Big thanks to Bro Billy Tan for recording it and uploading it to Youtube for all to watch and special mention for the appearance of the BMV‘s beloved Dhamma cat (you will find it in the hall whenever there is Dhamma talk  ).

For your info, that nice place which the cat was happily resting belonged to a toddler (who walked away somewhere) and the cat became the owner!  Wakakakaka!!! Oooophs! Laughing too loud!  

I shall leave you to enjoy the talk… it could be the turning point of your life or your kamma to visit this blog, this post and actually learning from Bhante Sujatha from the above video




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