Book Review: “Buddhism – As I See It -“

I used to pick up books and CDs from temples and meditation centres that I visited until I have too many of them that I stopped doing so.  Must really read and listen one whatever I take mah…. and also to pass them on when I finish doing so  

It never occurred to me that there may be “unwholesome” Buddhism books lying around until someone shared these books with me:


Come to think of it, anyone can actually write and publish books as long as they got the funds to do so.

It may be best to pick up Buddhism books that are published by renown Buddhist publications to ensure you are learning “true” Buddhism from them.

Why did I pick these books to share with you here?  If you have the “Buddhism III – As I See It” do flip to page 20 that has the title “The Spiritual Journey”.  3rd paragraph says: “After all, God created us humans in His own image.  God created us as creatures with free will………”

Also, in the “Buddhism V – As I See It”, page 19 that has the title “Prayers and Meditation”, first paragraph says: “God is a formless multi-dimensional reality…… Those seeking God and desiring a relationship with Him need ONLY to go within to their hearts……..”

(To me, the author has written the above books “As I(he) See(s) It” in his personal opinion and beliefs ~ partly what he knows about Buddhism and partly what he knows about other religions.  
Though he may have good intentions to share his knowledge, I believe it is the wisdom of the readers to know if the books reflect the true teachings of the Buddha.

If you are into Buddhism and have spent some time in learning the Buddha’s teachings, you will realise that Buddha has never spoken about any creators eg God in his teachings. The above books have mixed up Buddhism with other religion teachings and will definitely confuse newcomers in learning the Buddha’s teachings.

It may be inevitable for an ignorant person to pick up a book like the above coz when I was new in Buddhism, I was also not sure about the books to read.

I am thankful that I have good spiritual friends who guided me as they have recommended books by Ajahn Chah to start with.

I was brought to the Buddhist Maha Vihara for Dhamma talks and it was also there that I learned to perform Dana and Kathina.  There, I got to know our late Chief – Ven Dr. K. Sri Dhammananda, whom I learned (via his CDs and books) about Buddhism.

If you are truly to learn Buddhism, you will stumble on the right people (information and tools) who (that) will guide you to learn the true Dhamma.  

May you have the wisdom to recognise them.      


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