A Buddhist picking food

I have been very, very busy lately with work and studies and what not, and, I am finally doing Master in Buddhism!    Today is Orientation Day!  Yeay!  Yeay!!

Yesterday, I went to BreadStory to get some buns and I decided to get the Flossy Cake thingy… you know, the one with chicken floss topping!  While looking at the pieces there, I automatically look out for the one with the “most” chicken floss!  Now, is that greed or not!  While eating it this morning, I realised that I will still have some of the floss dropping off when I eat it.  But then, if I did not take the “more” floss, I would have eaten less floss!  LOL!!!

Greed, greed, greed!  Guess no matter how Buddhist we claim to be, we are just human beings ….

Another example is every time I buy the fresh milk, I would look at all the bottles lining up for their expiry date… obviously the later expiry is right at the back of the rows, and, I would stretch my hand to get one of them!  Now, this is not greed but is it “kiasu” (not to lose) mentality ah?   

I would conclude the above are merely delusions.

How many times we have bought the best, the freshest, the most expensive etc food and kept them in the fridge long enough for them to be expired and thrown away?  So, the best thing to do, from my humble experiences (which I am trying my best to do also  ), is to make sure whatever bought must be eaten and not wasted!

Haizzz… is it easier said than done?

Maybe a sutta will help us (if you are a guilty party too):

Titthiya Sutta (AN 3.68)

Hence, we should not give our attention to greed, hatred and delusion… even in picking our food…



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