Bhante Sujatha: Buddha’s teaching is like water

Tonight, new perceptions have been introduced to my mind.

In Bhante Sujatha’s talk, under the Buddhist Maha Vihara’s bodhi trees, I have gathered the following messages: 

1. Buddha’s teaching is like water, which is universal, but we have made containers to store it with labels of Sri Lanka Buddhism, Malaysian Buddhism etc…. (Sad to say it is true… )

2. We should have an open mind in learning Buddha’s teachings and not just follow a teacher in Buddhism. 

He shared his experience, during his travel, the man next to him took a look at his Buddhism book and almost immediately returned it to Bhante claiming that he will not read any other Buddhist books except those written by Dalai Lama coz he is a follower of his….  (Huh?)

3. Do not get attached to a teacher coz if he is not perfect yet and if his personalities or teachings change in future, one will be disappointed. 

Believe in one’s striving and continue practising what is learned. Don’t just read and memorise suttas like a walking sutta dictionary… (LOL!!)

Bhante, I will remember the above and especially when sending metta to self to begin with the following words:  I am well, I am happy and I am peaceful

Bhante, may you be well, happy and peaceful always.

Sadhu, Sadhu, Sadhu!!!


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