We are just a Glob of Foam!

“There ARE sufferings!”

Imagine Buddha saying that to you now…. and you will be thinking “Ya, ya, I know.. the poor ones are suffering but I bet the rich ones are not..”  

Hey, read on and see if the rest of what Buddha has to say makes sense.

Buddha says the reason why we suffer is because we are attached to and cling on to things or people which or who are impermanent.  “Huh??” 

Take a close look at yourself… what do you see?  Face the mirror and look again… now, what do you see?  YOUR face and your body!  Bravo!  LOL!  

Do you agree if I say what you see in front of the mirror is not permanent?  Oh, you know?  Coz we will all grow old and die!

Yes, for our body is just like a glob of foam floating in a river.  From far it looks real ~ like a solid body but when it is near, you can see it is just a glob of foam that is disappearing, melting into the water…

Not bad, not bad, it is either you have been following my blog or you are a learned Buddhist or indeed you are a wise person…  

Other than what is physical, everything else that comes with the body is also impermanent.  What are they?  They are all in our mind; our feelings, perceptions, volitions and consciousness.  Let’s analyse them one by one ya… 

Feelings; is like raindrop bubbles hitting the surface of the stream… appear and burst, appear and burst, appear and burst!  Always changing, come and gone and never stay for a long time…. or fixed.   

Perceptions; is like a mirage… what seems real may not be real.  What thought to be true may not be true.  What is assume is happening is not really happening… they are simply what we perceive or in another words just our opinion of things and matters…. of what we want to think or hope they are…. we perceive “forever” when we are in love, we perceive “will not die” coz we love life. we perceive “I, mine and myself” for everything or people we want to possess… meaning we perceive all things are permanent, happy and related to “I”…. but, is it really?   

Volitions?  In other words – intentions; is like trunk of a banana plant.  Cut out the other layer, there is another layer.. and another … and another… and another… until nothing… nothing solid or hard in the heart of it.  Our intentions for our actions are hollow and many times we regret doing what we did coz we change our mind about what should be done before but realised now… then we think we did the right thing coz we change our mind and think what was done initially was what you wanted to do… then we think we could done it differently some how… 

Consciousness; is like magic tricks.  We are conscious of the knowledge of past, present and future and we think we know what our past, present and possible future will be but like a magic trick which seems so real, knowing it as a magic trick will understand the fact that it is just a magic trick.  Hence, our consciousness which knows what are real should be aware that all are merely processes… nothing solid, nothing permanent of the past, present and the future…  

Hence, if we cling to our self – youth, beauty, pride, ego and possessions or cling to another person who is also subject to grow old and die… we are suffering…  If we cling on to our feelings especially the unhappy ones wishing they be gone or even the happy ones wishing they will stay…. are also suffering.

Or if we cling on to our perceptions or opinions… insisting one is right the other is wrong or vice versa… we are also suffering.  Or if we cling on to our volitions or intentions and insist something must be done and be done this way and not that one, now and not after and so for…. we are suffering.  Or we cling on to our past, cling on of our fear or uncertainty of our future though living in the present, we are also suffering.  Remember every present is automatically a past and was a future… in a nick of time… so let go…..

In other words, if we cling or attach to all of the above, we are simply suffering…. suffering…. suffering….  coz we are clinging to what is impermanent, subject to change, which is suffering and not worthy to call “self”.  




Reference to Phena Sutta (SN22.95)  Click to read the whole sutta.


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