India: From Bodhgaya to Rasgir

​13 November 2016:

As I travelled on the bus

Trying to capture life here as much

One click to snap one moment

To forgo next that had passed

Some were captured with my eyes

Coz I missed them through my lens

They will be stored in my memory bank

For a while coz nothing lasts

Just as the bus drove on to its destination

We can only watch as we rode on it

Nothing much we can do

Than to wave at some eager kids

Seeing those smiles on their faces

Brought some tears to my eyes

Those who are ignorant

Can still find joy in simple life

A day at work, a day at rest

A day of joy, a day of frown

A day older and yet not wiser

Day after day clinging on to life

Until the day come when one realises

That they are only dreams 

that one has to let go

to wake up yet to another dream

till one finds the right path

to be awaken to dream no more…


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