​India: Horn Please

When in Malaysia, it is rude to honk and honk

But in India, it is Horn Please Horn Please

For its roads are all narrow with turnings

With people either walking or stand chatting

Children playing and cows crossing

Wild boars, goats and horses roaming for food seeking

Dogs are also freely sniffing and wandering

Motor riders with no helmets joining in the honking

Sights of men standing to ease self are plenty

Some even do the squat ease not caring if anyone is watching

If you walk around town, you need to watch out what you may be stepping

Though cow dungs are not always there for they are used in fuel making,

 you may still step onto something

Belonging to the dogs and other earthlings

Also, you will find yourself in the crowding

By groups of innocent kids readily begging

Women carrying child also money asking

While pushing another young one imitating

Though one may feel like giving and giving

One will still ask if it is right to do the donating

For what help is it when the receiver is not striving

But this is India and all of the above one should be expecting


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