​India: Maha Bodhi Temple

​Maha Bodhi Temple is where the famous Bodhi tree is protected

Under this tree was where Siddhartha Gotama got enlightened

Though it is not the same tree 2,600 years ago

It is the descendant of that historical tree replacing the spot at the moment

With daily changing guards, security was really tight

No handphones are allowed, no nail clippers or lip balms too

One needs to be screened before getting into the temple

And if you need to take pictures, just pay for your camera

Dogs were found everywhere as if they were one of us

Joining us in the chanting, sitting close with lots of comfort

We saw many came from afar, like us, to revere this awesome tree

Round and round we went, chanting all the way 

Our group offered two robes to be worn on the Buddha’s statue

And took back one of it to be shared by the numbers

We had meditation too somewhere in the temple

After the puja, offering jossticks and candles

Not forgetting the dana done on behalf of all from Malaysia

Sadhu! Sadhu! Sadhu!

Photo taken by Sis Lilian


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