India: The Ganga River

​Ganga River visit was in the itinerary

From a bus ride to a short walk we reached the steps for descending

One look at the river one will find it is just a river

But once on the boat one will view it differently

On one side beautiful building structures divided into Ghats

Which could be a block of hotels, shops or just someone’s home

While the other side is just bare sandy bank

As the moon brightened up, so had more building lights 

We saw adults solemnly taking their bath

We saw children diving in with laughter having great fun

Further on some men were hosing brown muddy water

that flowed back into the river

A man ahead was doing his laundry

Ignoring the cleanliness of the water

Later we saw big crowd gathered to witness an anticipated Brahmin ceremony

Mantra chanting can be heard throughout our journey

From far we saw fire burning here and there

They were dead bodies in cremation in the open

Those who bought candle flowers from some children

Had them lighted and left them floating in the river

We then lingered on the boat for a little while longer

Before it slow speed back from where we took off earlier

We had seen, smelled, heard and rode on the Ganga River

To take home pictures and memories of this famous India river..


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