India: ​Parinibbāna Temple

Before this trip, I was already being told

About the ceremony of changing robes

Where an XL robe devotees on both sides would hold

So to have it fall over the Buddha’s body in one goal

In the temple, that was what I witnessed

Everyone so keen to perform the ritual

Each busy making sure it would be done right

Each hoping to partake in the action

I too have held on to the robe

I too eventually let it go

Having it fall over many, many other robes

Many in gold and even with flowers sewed

With crowd of many groups in one hall

Each going around the parinibbāna Buddha statue

Many stood here and there taking photos 

To commemorate this memorable ocassion

As if tending to our beloved Teacher

As if being there in his dying moments

As if the Buddha is present in our presence

As if time and space have merged all together

Many devotees found the feeling overwhelming

You would too if you are a follower of Buddha’s teachings

Sadhu! Sadhu! Sadhu!


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