India: Pilgrimage 

​Before the trip, I was busy shopping

For all whites from in and out, from top to bottom

That was the request by the organiser for the pilgrimage

Coz we be observing the 8 precepts for most of the days

Also to learn some suttas and chantings

Best if can remember them all in Pāli

Each was assigned duties and roles for the journey

And roomates also included in the listings

Two males fourteen females destined to go together

Planned with one Maha Thera but was joined by another

Eighteen people in a forty over passenger seaters we travelled

Each have two seats yet there were seats available

Uncle Ram, our Indian guide at 70, is really learned

For he was a scholar from the famous Nalanda

As nothing will ever work as planned, this trip too is the same

We missed places to visit coz the unexpected had happened

Traffics and mischaps delayed whatever planned and scheduled

Still we proceeded with high spirit coz we are all practising Buddhists

With loving kindness, patience, compassion and almost always mindful

We wish self and all other beings be always well, happy and peaceful…

Sadhu! Sadhu! Sadhu!


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