​Nepal: Kapilavastu

Do you know that there are two Kapilavastu?

One in India and one in Nepal?

We visited the one in Nepal and saw discovered ruins

While many are exhibited, many are hidden again in the bushes

Protected with some plastics to be dug later in future

“Here is the West gate, here is where there used to be a door

Here is the East gate that Siddhartha left after Rahula was born”

Looking at the bricks on the floor and some low walls 

One can only see by mind sketching what the local guide tried to explain

He also tried to convince us that their Kapilavastu is the original

While our Indian guide agreed it may be so, it may be so

Coz all Buddhists know that Siddhartha had three palaces

One for the rain, one for winter and one for summer

So, this may be one and India’s may be one

While the archaeologists look on for the last one

We were being told Nepal has only 9% of Buddhists 

Most are the Hindus and they had built over many sites

Claiming them Hindu’s and not of the Buddhist’s

But the same sites now are attracting tourists

Bringing income to the country and majority are the Buddhists

Sadhu! Sadhu! Sadhu!


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