Nepal: ​Ramagrama Stupa

Of all the stupas visited, this stupa blends into the nature

If no signs say that it is a stupa, it would be a hill one would venture

The guide said this is the only one of eight

That has the original Buddha’s relics

For the rest have been excavated for redistributions

While this was protected by cobras in each digging attempt

Till they were advised by the Hindus

Let it be so, let it be so

Those from our group who visited

Coz some chose to stay back for a rest

Were overwhelmed for being so close to the Teacher

We paid our respect by circling three times chanting Namo Tassa

Some sat down for a short meditation, others had their own way of salutations

If this is really a true stupa and Buddha’s relics are really here

I must be really blessed to be brought here to the Teacher

Really, really blessed indeed……..

Sadhu! Sadhu! Sadhu!


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