​Nepal: Lumbini Park

Much was anticipated before visiting the park

Coz there was where our Teacher left a mark

Said that his mother had him for ten months

And in Lumbini Park he came to the world

That it was his last birth

That he will not become again


We can choose to take a van, boat or trishaw

To travel along the canal

To reach and queue to see the footprint of baby Siddhartha

Outside the protective building one can see a pool

Once was where baby took his first bath

Is now many tortoises’ home

If only the building is not built to cover and protect the footprint

Instead if there are some sal trees where the footprint is

We would imagine Lumbini Park much better

As the place of birth of Siddhartha

Though now this place is indeed beautiful

To me, it was not that meaningful

Still, it is wonderful to be at one of the four places

that is significant to Buddhism

Sadhu! Sadhu! Sadhu!

Photo taken by Bro Dennis


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