​Nepal: Kathmandu

Since we were already in Nepal

Visit to Kathmandu was included

We saw the Himalaya range

When we flew over it

What an awesome sight

Magnificient indeed!

Magnificient indeed!


However, when on the ground

One would surely frown

Coz traffic was bad and so was the air

Every place we go, we had to walk a fair bit

Among crowd of people or beside some vehicles

Tiring indeed!

Tiring indeed!


After 2015 earthquake 

Some buildings are still in reconstructing

Still we saw amazing built ups of those standing

We even saw living goddess Kumari

And some dances while dining

Cheers to all indeed!

Cheers to all indeed!


This destination ended our pilgrimage trip

Back to five precepts and some old habits

At the biggest in SEA stupa, we had shopped a little

Some souvenirs for self and more for others

If only we could shop one more hour 

It would be more blissful indeed!

It would be more blissful indeed!


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