Happy New Year 2017

​Another year is ending?

Is it really so?

Or is it just a change of the calendar?

While all others remain the same?

Man measure time and days

Mark birthdays and anniversaries

Set some dates to celebrate

Some good reasons to make a change

To get together and spend money

Send well wishes or simply forward

What is received – chats, vids or gifs

To those dear to heart 

For the sake to stay in touch

To those remembered

Or to an acquaintance

whose name in the phone list is found

Whatever the reasons

Whatever the circumstances

I will do what others do

Here’s wishing you ahead

All that are good will go your way

That you will be well and happy

Let go of all that had happened

Always remember to live in the present

Best if can live moment to moment

When today is over

Another day will come again

Many call it a new day or even a new year

Some call it new hope 

Some call it a miracle

Whichever you choose to name it

To the ignorants it is just another day

Another to live by

Till another goodbye

Of a day, hopefully, of blue skies and everything nice

You will live it as how you choose to

May you have the wisdom 

To live it well, peaceful and happy

And in harmony with all other beings….

 Happy  New Year 2017




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