Food ~ not getting what was ordered

While I was eating my wantan noodles and minding my own business, I overheard the man at the next table complaining to the girl that he had ordered kueh teow with meehoon and not kueh teow with mee….  (Hmmmm… this is suffering:  not getting what one wants  ).

The stall owner quickly walked over to the table and apologised to the man… who, reluctantly accepted the noodles as served and ate up the whole bowl of noodles in less than two minutes!  (There you go, pal, it’s just noodles and it’s for filling up the stomach… whether mee or meehoon, they are just food  )

Buddha, in the Putamansa Sutta, reminded us that we should see food as valuable as if it is the flesh of our loved one…. what we eat is in the expense of other living beings… hence, we should not waste or eat for pleasure or beauty or be too choosy with what we eat…

As Venerable Dhammavuddho, in his Dhamma talks, will remind us too that even as a vegetarian, when we eat the greens, we are depriving other living beings of food and/ or living quarters… directly or indirectly.  Hence, do not be too sticky to your views and opinions about all Buddhists should be vegetarians ya….

Let’s take baby steps to practise the Dhamma … starting with food and eating habits….


Relevant interesting reading:


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