I told him so….

This morning, I recalled an incident that my friend relayed to me.  She told me that her son drove for one and a half hours to his vacant house coz his neighbour called him to inform him that it was broken into.  In fact, before that call, his house alarm had already alerted him.

“I told him not to drive there since there was nothing he can do and it was already 11pm but he refused to listen to me and I had told him to sell that house now that he is already staying here…. I told him… “

My dear friend, “I told him” is just an advice.  Your son has to and will decide what he wants to do, which is his kamma (action) which subsequently ripens the results of a vipaka or phala (reaction or fruit of the said action).  

An advice is only an advice, hence, do not go overboard worrying and imagining what is or not… simply send metta (loving kindness) to him that he will be free from harm, pain and sufferings… and send metta to yourself too that you will be free from worries, pain and sufferings… practise equanimity of your mind to stay calm and focus… focus on your breath and meditate… to let go of your attachments… to let go… remember Buddha’s teachings of sufferings (dukkha), impermanence (anicca) and non self (anatta)…

(The above is a reminder to a practising Buddhist.  Even if you are not, it would be useful to learn and understand how to focus your mind on an object (breathing) and calm your monkey thoughts from going wild with imaginations coz they really do not help you at moments of such ya.)

The Chinese has a saying:  Neighbours close to you is better than relatives at a distance.  
I still remember when I travelled to Beijing some years back, the first thing the travel guide told us to do was: “Now, leave all your possessions and thoughts of whatever you have in Malaysia and be at the present in Beijing to enjoy the scenery, food and people… anything happen in your house or office or whatsoever, there is nothing you can do from here… and if you let them affect you, you will never going to enjoy your trip here.  Do that or take the next plane back to where you came from!”

Phew!  Powerful words, right?  Yes!  Leave all that should be done and can be done by the people there!  Beijing is just too far away!

In fact, I think that is how we should always feel ~ to leave things that we cannot control out of our mind and focus on only what can be done and are in front of us.  As if, we have already left that world and living in this world… as if when we are really dead, we cannot come back to help or do anything for the living… leave all the baggage of fear, hope, uncertainties and delusions of what could happen and later what would have happened.

As a Buddhist now, I can accept and do that with less resistance.  Wisdom (with understanding and practices) overcomes the tiring mind of worrying unnecessarily…. hope you understand my sharing…

May you be well and happy always…


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