Gong Xi Fa Cai, 2017

​Chinese New Year is round the corner

Soon it will be year of the Fire Rooster 

Everyone to do the auspicious

That includes Reunion Dinner

Wearing all new, in red or gold

House cleaned with new year decos

Mind your language in the 15 days

Also mind what not to do in the first few days

What is joy will soon pass

What is not will soon pass too

So will this celebration

And all will be back to the normal life

Languages used and habits alike

Coz CNY is the only auspicious time

To do all that are auspicious one must abide

To meet for reunion dinner and wear everything nice

To greet well wishes to friends and foes

Now, why can’t we do all wholesome everyday?

Why only do them on some special dates

We can keep CNY spirits all the way

Why just keep them for fifteen days?

Since it is tradition to keep it this way

Can we not keep the tradition for 300 odd more days

To meet for reunion dinner or a meal any day

To send well wishes and kind words at each meet

Why, oh, why can’t CNY spirit be maintained all the way?



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