We are all mentally sick!

Recently, I have been searching hard for more materials on Buddhist psychology coz exams coming soon and I still have no idea about the subject. ..sigh…when I came across Ajahn Brahm’s talk (https://youtu.be/oLlNEYYzvIE) which in it, he said all of us are mentally sick unless we are enlightened! LOL!!

True indeed, if you listen to him of Buddha’s teachings, that having greed, hatred and delusion will eventually make us crazy if we do not know how to handle them…mentally…

Practise, dear friends, meditate and calm your mind, learn the Dhamma and understand that all things are impermanent, there is no self and cravings for them are sufferings….

May we walk ourselves out of those illness to the path of enlightenment…a step a day….all the way…

Sadhu! Sadhu! Sadhu!


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