A crushed crush!

Since I am not enlightened yet, not surprise if I still get crushes, right? After all, I am still human ya.  LOL! 

However, crushes at this age is so different from crushes when I was young… especially after learning about Buddhism and practising it.  Not that I am holy, holy with the precepts and all but just that I am more mindful about my feelings, speeches and actions.

The reminder of impermanence, non self and unsatisfactory make it easier to take my focus away from the person.  And meditation definitely helps alot coz the mind can be tamed from delusions and attachments.  Awesome!  Buddhism is simply awesome! 

Nothing is permanent, so is feelings…. the crush just disappeared as quickly as it appeared.  I just crushed the crush!  LOL!!  

It was not difficult at all…  coz everything begins and ends with the mind… you think it is, it is; you think it is not, it is not… simple!  

Always remember that you cannot control another person’s feelings but you can control your own… by understanding the nature of life, the truth of the Dhamma, by seeing things as they really are, you will not harp on the feelings and continue life with more meaningful things coz life is not just about feelings or perceptions… it is about understanding why we feel such and why we perceive such… if we can see craving and attachment, we will understand, we are simply being selfish wanting.

We are (by nature) not permanent and we always end up chasing for something that is not permanent (another person) too and this will only cause unsatisfactory…. which is known as sufferings too… learn and understand the Dhamma more and you will know what I am sharing with you today.

If I have more time, I will try elaborate more of the above Dhamma in my next post ya…

Till then, may you be well and happy  



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