“Me”, “My” n “I”

My blog may not be popular… “my” simply means belonging to “me”.  “Me” simply means “I” and “I” is represented by the physical being who is typing the words now.  But is this “being” really a “self” who possesses this blog?  LOL!  You confused ke or you understand my point?  

According to Buddha, there is a conventional self:  that is the being you feel you are and the beings you see around you.  Hence, I “am” Linda coz you know me as Linda who “exists” as the blogger here.  And you “are” you who are reading this blog post.  So, conventionally, we have parents who give birth to us.  We have siblings and friends around us.  We have possessions such as toys, books and properties that we claim belong to us coz they are either being kept by us or in our names….  But, none of the conventional beings and belongings can be taken by us when we die as we will all die eventually due to old age or sickness.  Phew!  A heavy subject today ya!  

Let’s recap… coz I have written a similar post before… that Buddha says living beings are made up of five aggregates.  If we can understand the 5 aggregates, we will be able to understand the opposite of the conventional self; ie. non-self.

The five aggregates are:
(1) body
(2) feelings
(3) perceptions
(4) volitions or determinations
(5) consciousness

The body is made up of 4 elements; ie. water, air, heat and earth.  Give it a thought and you will agree that the solidness of the body is the earth that will decay and return to earth; we will definitely lose heat at our death; no more breathing in of air and the blood will no longer flow when we die…. those are what make up our body ya..  

What make us “alive” to be able to do what we think and intend to is actually the “mind” and it is represented by item (2) to (5) above.

Feelings are triggered by our senses through our eyes, nose, ears, taste and touch which we perceive as either pleasant, unpleasant or neutral, which we will react via our volitions or determinations or intentions such as liking ~ so, getting attach to the feelings or disliking ~ so, avoid having to go through the same feeling again…. and consciousness is simply continue to exist as how we are but with the ability to recognise our “true” self; as stated in the Anatta-lakkhana Sutta:
“Any kind of consciousness whatever, whether past, future or presently arisen, whether gross or subtle, whether in oneself or external, whether inferior or superior, whether far or near must, with right understanding how it is, be regarded thus: ‘This is not mine, this is not I, this is not my self.’ “.

Gee, I hope you are following me so far…   If you are not able to, please re-read the above… if you are able to… great!  Look out for my next post ya… 

The conventional self is not permanent
the body is not
whatever are in the mind too are not permanent
… not our feelings, not our perceptions, not our intentions and
not whatever we have been thinking
whatever that arises shall cease
everything that happens are conditioned
they happen when the right conditions arise
they will not happen when the right conditions ceased or not arisen
….till we understand the true nature of “self”….
May you be well and happy



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