… eight worldly conditions spin after the world…

A new chapter of my life will soon begin….

I have just collected my letter of acceptance from the University to do my PhD in Buddhism.  Awesome!  Of course, I would not be able to do so without lots of support, help, guidance and pieces of advice from my kalyāṇamittā.  Really, really thankful to all of them! 🙏🙏🙏

Am now busy sorting out all my firm’s matters and eventually my personal matters so that I can move to the new place by early August.

Life is really anicca…  things can change within moments.  I have worked and hoped for this and soon it will become a reality.

There were times when things do not turn out the way we hope for while there are times we are surprised with what lies ahead of us… as if being ushered to the direction of the path meant for us… the unknown, the unseen of whatever the future will be… if embraced with fear, we will not enjoy the journey but if embraced with living in the present and enjoy the moments, it would be a joyful journey indeed…

Buddha says there are eight worldly conditions that spin after the world, and the world spins after these eight worldly conditions and they are: “Gain/loss, status/disgrace, censure/praise, pleasure/pain: these conditions among human beings are inconstant, impermanent, subject to change. Knowing this, the wise person, mindful, ponders these changing conditions. Desirable things don’t charm the mind, undesirable ones bring no resistance.”
(Lokavipatti Sutta: The Failings of the World ~ AN 8.6)

We need to stay equanimous in whatever condition we face.  Favourable conditions are subject to change; so are the unfavourable ones.  We need to bear in mind that “this too shall pass”.  Do not be too happy over joyous occasions and do not be too sad or worried over unpleasant experiences…  By being able to do so, we will not join the roller coaster of life’s vicissitudes!

Today, I am happy “mindfully” and not dancing with joy 💃 ya… 😅 🙏



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