Finding my pets a new home…

I had lunch with a dhamma sister from Malacca and during one of our conversations, I told her that I was looking for a new owner for my pets; my dog (Blur Blur) and my tortoise (Tortoise).

She paused for a moment and said, “Actually, my family planned to go to SPCA later to get a dog…”

Oh, please adopt mine!!

And they did!  Awesome!  I was ecstatic!  Finally, I got them a family (husband and wife, a pair of twin boys and a girl) to love them!  I really feel blessed and happy for Blur and Tortoise.

After a week, I WhatsApp-ed her to confirm when they will come pick the pets and when she replied either Monday or Tuesday (which was like a few days later), I got emotional after putting down the phone…. yes, there was attachment!  But I got over it pretty fast with meditation.

But they came a few more days later, allowing me to spend more time with Blur and Tortoise… really thankful… but then again, there will always be farewells in our lifetime.  We just got to get used to them and practise equanimity at all times.  There will be good times, there will be bad times ~ however, whatever, with whoever ~ shall pass…. the sooner we are able to let go and move on will be better for us.

The fateful day came last Sunday, July 30th.  The family arrived about 11am.  Blur was still attached to me for a while… but once the children started stroking her and talking to her, she was more relaxed… I have mentally prepared her for today coz I have been talking to her about her new home and family since the day they agreed to take her…. and she seems to understand.

Before putting Tortoise into the container, I stroked it and said goodbye….

I know they will be well taken care of and loved by the new family….

May the family and their pets be well and happy always…..



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