Merry Christmas, fr a Buddhist…

This morning

While strolling along the path that leads to my destination

I stood by to watch falling leaves dancing with the wind

The cool breeze touching my face

As if greeting Merry Christmas to me

Other than the rustling of the leaves

There was no Christmas carols in the air

The day passing by just like any other

The sun rising towards midday as it would

Soon this day will be over

Merry Christmas or not life continues

With joy to the world or peace on earth

Jingle bells or rednose reindeers

Whether Santa Clause is coming to town

Have a white Christmas or wishing for two front teeth

Let’s choose to pass the day merry

Have yourself a very Merry Christmas



Saddhā(Faith) Sutta (AN 5.38 )

“Just as at a crossroads on level ground, a great banyan tree becomes the resort for birds all around, so the clansman endowed with faith becomes the resort for many people: for bhikkhus, bhikkhunīs, male lay followers, and female lay followers.”

A large tree with a mighty trunk,
branches, leaves, and fruit,
firm roots, and bearing fruit,
is a support for many birds.
Having flown across the sky,
the birds resort to this delightful base:
those in need of shade partake of its shade;
those needing fruit enjoy its fruit.

Just so, when a person is virtuous,
endowed with faith,
of humble manner, compliant,
gentle, welcoming, soft,
those in the world who are fields of merit—
devoid of lust and hatred,
devoid of delusion, taintless—
resort to such a person.

They teach him the Dhamma
that dispels all suffering,
having understood which
the taintless one here attains nibbāna.

I am a lover of poetic verses and I find the above really meaningful… and if you read it with a brush in your mind, you could also paint the picture of the verses (especially the first verse) … beautiful, right?

Life teaches us many dhammas as we walk the path and our kamma will make us enjoy or endure the joy or pain along the way… if we walk with faith and we keep walking, we will eventually able to see the truth of the teachings.

There is nothing permanent here… what we deem happy can turn sad in a split second… who we perceive as friends can turn into strangers before a thought moment… every second everything is changing; including ourselves… our thoughts change our speech and our actions… and they, will change someone else’s thoughts, speech and actions… we are all dependent on each other … every action has a reaction, every action has a result…. whether the action is good or bad, they will still bear fruits…  and we, the do-ers, must accept whatever fruits our actions bear… and to do it with an equanimity mind ~ not to be too happy and not to be too sad… for, this too shall pass… happy also will pass, sad also will pass… and since we are still worldlings, let’s practise one of my favourite phrase:  We can choose to live a day happy or a day sad – why not choose to live it happy!  Afterall, we already know nothing lasts forever… definitely not this body in this lifetime….

Have faith and keep walking towards liberation… a step at a time… the longer we walk, the more we will understand Buddha’s teachings… the less we will suffer…

May you be well and happy always…




Time passes whether one is ready
Irrespective what one is doing
or not doing …

Time just comes and it just goes
Not waiting
not pausing …

Time makes history moment by moment
When one is not noticing
and there is no reversing …

Times when one is happy or when one is not
There is no freezing
there is no snap shooting …

We must learn to let go of each moment
for time is not for keeping
if we do not understand the teaching
we are the one who will be suffering …


~ 8/9/2017

Is it just “me”?

Someone recently made me think if I am an unlikeable person… Personally, I think I am a pretty friendly person and get along pretty well with people… but somehow this person makes me feel differently… 😭

Is it just “me”?  Is it “my” ego?  Why should “I” be affected by this person?

As a practising Buddhist, I understand exactly what is happening to my thoughts but as a worldling, I feel miserable coz I believe I am the only one getting such treatment…   WHY me???

I have advised my friends not to be affected by other people’s behaviours and speeches… yet, I am not able to handle a similar situation… haizzz….  😓

Guess I still got lots to learn and practise… to constantly remind myself of impermanence, non-self and sufferings (Ti-Lakkhana).

This too shall pass
~ whatever I feel now will pass coz nothing lasts forever…

It is not “me”
~ let go of my “ego” to feel that “I” am so important that “I” must be liked by everyone… this body is only a vehicle that this consciousness is borrowing to try walk the path to liberation…

If I continue to torment my mind, I am inducing sufferings to myself…
one should not hurt self with a second arrow (to the mind) if one arrow is already in the physical body, which may not be avoidable… coz the mind can be tamed through meditation…

So, Linda, get over it!  
It is not worth your time and effort to wonder and ponder!
Live in the present and let go of the past!
Focus on what is more important, which can help you one step nearer to liberation ya…

Phew!  I feel so much better now!  Now that I have let it out of my chest!  😅

For better understanding of Anatta (Non-self or Egoless), click here ya.


Recently there were many birthday celebrations and of course, that simply means more dinners to celebrate the special day for and with the birthday boys and gals. 

Last Friday, during Brother Tan’s talk at BMV, he said he was touched when his students chose to observe 8 precepts on his birthday and then transfer merits to him… I think that was awesome!  In fact, it is an wholesome act for the birthday boy and/ girl to observe 8 precepts on the day.  

Having said that, I have stopped celebrating my birthday since I touched 50 coz I became a Buddhist scholar then to understand that sufferings began from that day!  Hence, to me, it is not a date for celebrations! 

Though I may not want to celebrate the day, I cannot stop my friends from wanting to celebrate it with / for me though… still feel thankful ya … 

I do not know how I would spend my birth date this year… when the day come, I shall know… till then, I shall practise to live in the moment…. 

Happy New Year 2017

​Another year is ending?

Is it really so?

Or is it just a change of the calendar?

While all others remain the same?

Man measure time and days

Mark birthdays and anniversaries

Set some dates to celebrate

Some good reasons to make a change

To get together and spend money

Send well wishes or simply forward

What is received – chats, vids or gifs

To those dear to heart 

For the sake to stay in touch

To those remembered

Or to an acquaintance

whose name in the phone list is found

Whatever the reasons

Whatever the circumstances

I will do what others do

Here’s wishing you ahead

All that are good will go your way

That you will be well and happy

Let go of all that had happened

Always remember to live in the present

Best if can live moment to moment

When today is over

Another day will come again

Many call it a new day or even a new year

Some call it new hope 

Some call it a miracle

Whichever you choose to name it

To the ignorants it is just another day

Another to live by

Till another goodbye

Of a day, hopefully, of blue skies and everything nice

You will live it as how you choose to

May you have the wisdom 

To live it well, peaceful and happy

And in harmony with all other beings….

 Happy  New Year 2017



Buddhist Birthday Song? Huh??

I bet you, as a Buddhist (if you are not one, you are excused ), also do not know about this birthday song!!  

I also did not know it until I joined B.I.S.D.S as a teacher!  And I say it is a more meaningful song compared to the normal Birthday song  

First, check out the lyrics here:

Happy Birthday, this is your day
May your wishes come true
May the Buddha bless you always
May the Dharma guide you!

(For adults)
Ever growing in the Sangha
Both in wisdom and compassion
Be a refuge unto yourself
Till you’re free from delusion!

(For children)
Ever growing in the Sangha
Both in wisdom and compassion
Little children love your parents
Little Buddha’s you’ll ever be!

Happy Birthday, this is your day
May your wishes come true
May the Buddha bless you always
May the Dharma guide you
Happy Birthday to you!

Next, sing along lor!


Which birthday song do you prefer?